The Vacation Home Condition Inspection (VHCI) is a full 20+ Point Inspection (see below for detail on what is covered) that you can schedule anytime you need a peek at your property.
Call me at 843.444.2150 and I will take care of the scheduling, or…

You can set up the monitoring inspection yourself using the on-line “Scheduler” system (see the buttons on every page that say “Schedule Now”);

Then just “sign” the agreement and pay the charge on-line, with automated confirmations, notifications, and reminders.

My on-line calendar is always up to date with open appointment opportunities that fit your vacation home’s availability for a condition monitoring-only inspection.
The VHCI will supplement what the cleaning crew typically reports, including many items they are not expected to report. Example include photos of the porch, the deck, the patio, the operation of equipment and appliances, and pertinent information like water temp in the sink, hot tub, and/or pool.

Get A Great Report! I say this because my web-based Inspection Report is the same as the one I provide for complete home inspections, and it will be full of photos, related info, and any comments that are needed. The report is compatible with any mobile device or desktop computer – no app is required, no large report files to download. Just open the email or text that I send to you, then click on the secure link to view your report – anytime, anywhere, on any device (and optimized for both tablets and smartphones, along with PCs & Macs).

What is inspected: This is a very specific, limited, visual inspection to include the

• Front Door, Back Door, other exterior doors, as needed, with photos of each, and with comments on condition of locks and latches as needed

• Photo of each exterior stair and/or deck (including underneath if visible)

• Photo of any pool and/or spa (with water temp of each)

• Photo of car port or garage along with the garage doors

• Testing of all fixtures, lights, outlets, small appliances

• Testing of all large appliances, televisions with cable, and I will also report if wi-fi appears in the connection list on my phone

• Water temp at each bathroom and the kitchen sink

• Thermal Image scans of each bathroom and each closet, looking for mildew or mold growth

• Check windows (report the state of any windows that are open)

• Check smoke alarms (and Carbon Monoxide alarms where there is combustible gas potential)

• Update appliance clocks if necessary

• Check breaker box for tripped GFCI circuits, and check GFCI outlets

• Replace bulbs as needed (if bulbs are available on premises)

• If there is a separate laundry, a photo and condition status comment is included in the report

• If on the beach, I will take a walk down and look at any beach access decks that go with the home (private)

All of this for $49 (add $10 for each additional bathroom over 4) and no on-going contract to deal with.

Schedule it for as soon as the next day, if I am available, using the on-line scheduler – I will be notified automatically of any newly scheduled appointments.

Who does my “condition inspection”? I am a licensed, experienced home inspector (& owner of the Myrtle Beach-based business) and I will do each & every inspection.

Photos! As a vacation home owner, you want to “see” the current condition of the property, so I will provide photos and thermal scans of the interior.

The Vacation Home 20+ Point Condition Inspection provides photos of key locations (decks, exterior doors, bathrooms) along with comments on any issues.

Schedule a condition report anytime you are wondering about the condition of your vacation home (ex: after a storm or between renters) …or set up a schedule to have it done quarterly or monthly (no contract required).